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Kriti Bajaj looking out the window of a wooden hut with Himalayas in the background. © Sahil Bajaj

I'm a mountain person

I was three years old when I first visited my grandparents' secluded home in the Himalayas. Though I was too young to realise it at the time, the sense of possibility that this new world opened up would stay with me ever since.


I've lived in cities my entire life – Bombay, Delhi, London – but every so often, I have a longing for grass studded with clover, starry skies and a majestic view that changes with each cloud and shadow, but is always constant.

I like to think that the mountains taught me lessons in steadfastness, resilience and ambition, showing me that sometimes we have to forge our own paths in the wilderness. My journey has certainly not been a straight road; I chose to study the sciences in high school, English literature in university (BA Hons., Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi), followed by a degree in social and visual anthropology (MA, SOAS, University of London).


My career, too, has taken some interesting turns – from working on projects with Zoroastrian, Anglo-Indian and Chin communities in India to writing and editing for leading international publications on visual art (Art Radar, Blouin Artinfo). Somewhere along the way, I founded an arts and culture magazine, started a blog, edited an anthropology journal, and mentored aspiring art writers. Most recently, I was the Editorial Manager at Saffronart, a leading international auction house specialising in Indian art.

Kriti Bajaj standing with a camera in green Himalayan woods. © Sahil Bajaj

But in our current times of challenge, flux and adaptation, I've realised a few things: I don't like sitting around an office all day, I hate commuting, and I love working with people around the world. I like reading stories, and moving words around to make them stronger. I want to guide writers if they're getting stuck. I also enjoy writing with intention about how someone – or their business – arrived where they are now. (And yes, I like travelling with my camera. The photographs on this website are all mine, except the ones of me, courtesy my brother Sahil Bajaj.)


I decided that it was time to pursue a dream I've been nurturing for a few years. As you explore this website, you'll find several ways in which we can work together. Browse around, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would just like to say hello.

Kriti Bajaj walking in the Himalayan woods. © Sahil Bajaj



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Analogue photographs being scanned for a genealogy and family history project. © Kriti Bajaj


Tracing my family

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Anne of Green Gables with plate of biscuits, cup of tea for the food and book project. © Kriti Bajaj


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Purple wild iris found in the Himalayas. © Kriti Bajaj


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