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Distraction :: Paris 2012 / Delhi 2014

Responsibility :: Delhi 2011/2015

Tunnel :: Delhi 2014 / Athens 2015

Adapt :: London 2012 / Singapore 2014

Questor :: London 2011

Fly :: Delhi / Himachal 2011

Passion :: London 2012 / Santorini 2015

Elsewhereness :: Singapore 2014 / Delhi 2015

Solitude :: Delhi 2010

Catharsis :: Delhi 2011/2015


2010 - 2015

Through this series I attempt to explore the anxiousness that comes from wondering what else life could be; the potential of the self, and the realisation that we may never reach it; the thirst for more; the fragmented self; the questions I deal with on a daily basis; the constant grappling with things that are the hallmark of a hyperactive mind; but also the search and the answers that culminate in calm and creativity and balance.

It comes from duos: the style combines the self-portrait (what better way to express vulnerability and the performative self?) with double exposures (but a certain kind of double exposures, a co-mingling of me and my environments in a way that make it obvious that these are two different images meant to exist separately, but that could come together and collaborate in unusual ways). The inspiration is twofold as well: partly the work of Jena Malone, whose feed I follow and admire; and partly this quote from The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories:

I'm constantly surrounded
by ghosts of all my
parallel possibilities.

Click here to view this series in a different format, with accompanying texts for each image + a music playlist.

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