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A look back at 2023

It has been a year of alignment. From starting my business Instagram page last Christmas and building a community, to spending the first quarter niching further into areas I truly want to work in, and creating exciting opportunities that were diverse and yet fit perfectly. Here are some highlights.


A year ago, I decided, somewhat on a whim, to create an Instagram account dedicated to my work in family history and genealogy. I had lots of stories, but that was about it. This turned out, however, to be the catalyst that I needed to focus on this aspect of my work full-time (which became clearer via coaching and courses I was doing at the time). It also brought me an entire community of like-minded people, inspiration and direction, and it's also helping me organise material that I've collected over years. I hope you'll join me there.


After the publication of Arcadia, Jake Peterson and I have been collaborating once more – this time on an online archive and digital museum (soon getting a complete makeover!) dedicated to the Polman, Påhlman and von Pohlmann families. It was an honour and delight to write the very interesting life stories of 17 members of this line, as well as attempting to do justice to the story of a forgotten princess.

Antarctica journals

In 1956-58, Dr Ralph Glasgal was an aurora physicist at Wilkes Station in Antarctica. He kept detailed journals of his time there, a few of which – totalling about 46,000 words – I was recently commissioned to transcribe. What a journey! I had a chance to greatly expand my knowledge of Antarctica, which had been, well, next to nothing. And because the team returned to the US by way of Australia and explored it also, I learned about a whole other continent too.

Newsletter & From the Archives

I launched my newsletter, in each edition of which you'll read about family history tips, anecdotes and experiences from my own research, and tidbits from parts of the world that aren't often in the genealogy spotlight. 'From the Archives' is a supplement of the newsletter pulling out my older (but thematically relevant) pieces of writing from their shelves in dusty corners of the internet. Sign up here.

Miscellaneous (beautiful) projects

I had the pleasure of working on some writing for artists in Norway and China, as well as a chef in Frankfurt; editing for a writer in Naples; transcribing letters from the US and Liberia; and translating some articles from German. I treat all projects with equal care and wonder, no matter how small or substantial, and I'm grateful for each of them.


Things are a-changing! Well, slightly. I've spent the last two years niching my writing, editing and research business until it has taken a shape that resonates with me. I've been offering services over this time that felt diverse, but lately I've realised that it all just needed a bit of tweaking to become more cohesive. Everything is connected! In 2024, I'll be overhauling my services and packages as well as designing a new website.

For the first time, I can see a path for myself which is genuinely exciting. And I'm so happy this is the direction I've chosen. Thank you for being around so far, and I hope you'll enjoy the journey.


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