A thoughtful gargoyle in Notre Dame overlooking a view of Paris rooftops. © Kriti Bajaj

Writing Planner

I've been using a versatile, no-fuss digital Writing Planner for years to plan my freelance work, blog posts and writing projects. I recently updated it to make it even more customisable.


Got a blog, a newsletter, or just want to organise all your writing assignments and thoughts in one place? 

This planner is for you. 

Clean design

The simple layout helps you see what you're working on and what's lined up at a glance, and enables you to set realistic goals. 

Easily create a content calendar

The planner doubles up as a content calendar where you can arrange projects by week or month. Sheets can be easily replicated for each distinct project.

Accessible from all your devices

The Writing Planner is a digital Google Sheet which you can open via your Google Drive. You'll be able to access and update it from multiple locations and devices.

Completely customisable

Easily and completely customisable. I learned from three editorial gigs that it's always better to start simple and add columns as per requirements as you go along.

Dedicated space for notes and ideas

The planner includes enough space to collect and keep track of all those ideas you think you might want to write about some day. We've all been there!

User guide

You'll receive a user guide explaining how to customise various elements and add more columns or sheets to suit your requirements.