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The big picture

A collection of tried-and-tested methods, planners and guides to help you innovate and execute your long-term projects and goals with efficiency.


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I wrote this quick, handy guide based on my process for cleaning up my own writing, as well as editing drafts for my clients. It includes tried-and-tested editorial guidance that can be applied to most types of writing and has delivered great results.

What you'll get


  • An introduction to my editorial style

  • Six pages of step-by-step editing tips

  • Six checklists that you can apply as you go

  • Downloadable PDF with a clean design

Once you pay, you'll instantly be able to download the Self-Editing 101 guide.


Welcome to Self-Editing 101

Step 1: The big picture (+ checklist)

Step 2: First impressions (+ checklist)

Step 3: Check your facts (+ checklist)

Step 4: Wading in deeper (+ checklist)

Step 5: As clear as day (+ checklist)

Step 6: Finale (+ checklist)

You're ready

Get the Self-Editing 101 guide for $4.99 only!


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Questions or hurdles? Want to purchase this product from India? Contact me.


Writing Planner (1).jpg

Family history lifeline

A customisable spreadsheet to record details about your family members.

Writing Planner.jpg

Writing planner

A customisable, no-fuss planner to organise your blog, newsletter or other content.

Library Catalogue.jpg

The library catalogue

A customisable spreadsheet to keep track of the books  in your collection.

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